"pictured rocks - 12 mile beach" - the flies were so bad i almost died.

"Dirty Blonde" - a necklace with my drawing under glass.

necklace for me!

necklace for me!

Purple Heavens, Blue Ocean, and Green Earth are all represented in this Hamsa!

Challah (bread) Cover for Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish new year)!!

Free Bird brooch


"Free Bird" is hand embroidered on wool, backed by dyed cotton, and beaded around the edges.

This embroidery pin was inspired by my dad’s photography and one photo in particular. The last picture in this listing above shows the photo I used as a reference (on my dad’s website). I call this pin, “Free Bird” for some obvious and some not so obvious reasons, and I don’t mean the song :)

The cage around this bird is open, but the bird is still inside. I see this as a metaphor for my relationship with my father. I am the bird, my father is the cage. He is open to forming a new bond, while I am still accustomed to the old cage…… unsure whether or not to accept it or to fly away. The cage hangs from a strong pin, but it dangles loosely in danger of blowing over in the wind (not literally, this pin is sturdy enough for everyday wear).

The bird in the picture is an Eastern Blue Bird photographed by my father (see http://www.laphotopix.com for more of his photography).

what I’m working on today

the process

My Little Mermaid cuff bracelet.  I made this one for the EBEG (etsy bead embroidery guild) Bead Festival Challenge.  It is available for sale in my etsy shop!


cityscape pin cushion!

for my dad and grandpa this father’s day!  shhhhhh keep it a secret!!

(mostly regular seed beads with gold color beads, but the smallest gold beads are 24k gold ones!)

Nice Blog!

Good job, Erin….a great showcase for your awesome work!

Joyce Mayer Clark
JMC fine art jewelry

"the grass is greener" bead embroidered cuff

check it out on etsy:


"Mrs. Jackson’s Garden"